Chicago P.D. 2×16 “What Puts You on That Ledge” Recap

Spoilers Ahead Voight knows. Episode Summary: When a Chicago PD officer outside of the Intelligence unit goes missing during an undercover case with a drug cartel, the team sends Antonio in to get to the bottom of everything. Roman and Burgess deal with what seems to be an ordinary case on disagreements, but it’s really a... Continue Reading →

Agent Carter 1×08 “Valediction” Recap

Spoilers Ahead As always and unsurprisingly at this point, I’m left speechless over the beauty and grace of this series. Episode Summary: After hearing about all the chaos that has erupted because of his doings, Howard Stark returns to come clean about everything. SSR agents accompanied by Howard and Jarvis attempt to put an end to Ivchenko’s... Continue Reading →

“Literature Rules!” | Interview

February 24, 2015 Author: Cynthia Holden Davis We got to chat with Cynthia Holden-Davis about her latest short story that’s titled “The 4:15 Train” – the story will be available through eFiction Magazine on March 1st, 2015. Be on the lookout. 1) GSH: Congratulations on your publication! How old were you when you knew you wanted... Continue Reading →

A Week in Review

February 15-22 “Snafu” | Agent Carter Hayley Atwell It’s no surprise that Hayley Atwell once again takes the crown for Performance of the Week. At this point, it should probably be upgraded to a Performance of the Year crown. “Snafu” put Atwell in a position that required a great extent of expressiveness. It isn’t easy to... Continue Reading →

Scandal 4×13 “No More Blood” Recap

Spoilers Ahead A fan favorite saves Olivia!  Episode Summary: Last week’s episode ended with the billion dollar bidding war where Olivia was sold to Iran. We didn’t see who the person was, but in tonight’s episode we learn that the good guys have another shot at saving her! Review | Analysis: At the White House,... Continue Reading →

Chicago P.D. 2×15 “What Do You Do” Recap

Spoilers Ahead “What Do You Do” was yet another solid episode of Chicago PD giving one of its main characters an opportunity to shine impeccably. Episode Summary: While at breakfast, a man makes a comment about how Burgess has had a routine at the restaurant since he’s seen her, and it puts her in a strange funk... Continue Reading →

Parks and Recreation 7×11 “Two Funerals” Recap

Spoilers Ahead “Two Funerals” was the kind of Parks and Recreation episode that does a fantastic job of reminding its viewers that if you have good friends, you have everything. Episode Summary: When Pawnee’s Mayor, Walter Gunderson (Bill Murray) dies, it’s up to Ben to find his replacement. Leslie helps Tom come up with a beautiful... Continue Reading →

Parks and Recreation 7×10 “The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show” Recap

Spoilers Ahead “Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show” was indeed an awesome conclusion to Andy Dwyer’s life in Pawnee. Episode Summary: It’sAndy’s final day on his TV series and he goes out with a bang, bringing backSpecial Agent Burt Macklin and featuring everyone from the Parks Department onhis episode. The episode focused mainly on Andy,... Continue Reading →

Agent Carter 1×07 “Snafu” Recap

Spoilers Ahead “Snafu” was literally an emotional andphysical roller-coaster and I kindly ask that you bear with me as I attempt toarticulately review the intense hour of TV’s greatest Marvel establishment so far. Episode Summary: SSR agents attempt to learn the truth behind Peggy’s “betrayal” but Jarvis comes tothe rescue with a forged document signed... Continue Reading →

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